1-9 APRIL 2023

Schedule of



  • 30 MarchStart of accreditation and weapon control

  • 31 MarchDT and Referees meeting

  • 1 April Junior Individual Women’s Sabre
    Junior Individual Men’s Sabre

    Opening Ceremony

  • 2 AprilCadet Individual Women’s Sabre
    Cadet Individual Men’s Sabre

  • 3 AprilJunior Team Women’s Sabre
    Junior Team Men’s Sabre

  • 4 AprilJunior Individual Women’s Foil
    Junior Individual Men’s Foil

  • 5 AprilCadet Individual Women’s Foil
    Cadet Individual Men’s Foil

  • 6 AprilJunior Team Women’s Foil
    Junior Team Men’s Foil

  • 7 AprilJunior Individual Women’s Epee
    Junior Individual Men’s Epee

  • 8 AprilCadet Individual Women’s Epee
    Cadet Individual Men’s Epee

  • 9 AprilJunior Team Women’s Epee
    Junior Team Men’s Epee

    Closing Ceremony

Organized by


International Fencing Federation


Bulgarian Fencing Federation